Splunk + OSSEC Integration

This is a guest article by Dale Neufeld – canuck.eh at gmail.com

The status of the next version of the OSSEC web interface is one of the more commonly asked questions on the mailing list and is currently #2 on the community requested feature list (http://ossec.uservoice.com).While web interfaces are nice to have, many of us suffer from information island overload by having dedicated web interfaces for each application. This is why I was stoked when the syslog ouput feature was announced last summer (http://www.ossec.net/dcid/?p=139) and officially added in version 1.6. Now I can incorporate OSSEC alerts into my SIM/SIEM or log management tool of choice, which not only eliminates the need for a dedicated OSSEC web interface but also allows for simplified incident analysis through aggregation and correlation.

Full article at http://www.ossec.net/main/splunk-ossec-integration

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