Can you move files types from one location to another in linux?

There are instances where you want to quickly locate and move specific file types from point A to Point B.


Move all PHP files from /home/$user/php-files/ to /home/$user/php-mv-files

Easiest way to do this is to use the Find command in terminal.

$ find ./ -name "*.php"


This lists all the PHP files in the /php-files directory.

To move the files, you run the following command:

$ find ./php-files/ -name "*.php" -exec mv {} ./php-mv-files/ \;

This will move all files from ./php-files to ./php-vmv-files. Running the original Find command will get you the following:

$ find ./ -name "*.php"

In this instance, -exec mv {} says, run the MV command on the files selected from the original find, that’s what the {} implies. You then escape, and close the command using \;. This final piece is critical to stopping the command.

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