Active Domain Error in GravityForms MailGun plugin

For whatever reason I have was having the hardest time getting the MailGun plugin for GravityForms to use my From Email domain in WordPress.

Every time I tried to update the settings, I’d get the following error:

Every time I ran an update using the WordPress option, it worked. Grr..

Turns out, I’m an idiot.

Because I was using MailGun it was asking me for a verified domain with MailGun.

The problem I was having is that while the domain associated with {admin_email} was valid, it wasn’t verified with MailGun. Instead, what I had to do is manually override the value and use the MailGun validated domain.

For whatever reason, I drew a complete blank on this and had to stare at the problem for a while.

Example of what didn’t work:

Didn’t work because the domain I validated with MailGun was

Example of what did work:

Because this was the actual domain I had validated. Duh!

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